A Safe Place to Play and Train!

Imagine having a big, grassy, fully secured area all to yourself to romp, play and train with your best friend.

All dogs need a chance to run off-leash, stretch their legs and roll in the grass. But a dog park isn’t for everyone. Some dogs don’t always come when called. Some are uncomfortable around other dogs. And still others simply don’t have the proper skills to interact in an unstructured environment.

If any of these describe your dog (or if you just want to escape the crowds), come enjoy:

  • A 7500-square-foot, fenced-in lawn
  • Professional agility equipment
  • Fresh water and shaded areas
  • A small selection of toys
Rates: $15 for 30 minutes; $25 for an hour

The field is available for rental to individuals, small groups and agility enthusiasts who’d like a calm, quiet place to practice their skills.


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