Sherry Al-Mufti | Founder and Trainer

According to Sherry, there are waaaay too many rules about what dog owners should and shouldn't do. You shouldn't let your dogs sleep on the bed. You shouldn't let them on your furniture. You shouldn't let them walk in front of you.

Sherry's philosophy about dog rules is that there are no hard and fast rules. Instead, she encourages dog owners to create their own rules according to how they want their pets to fit into their household. After all, it's their home, their dog, their life. They should feel free to set limits that work for them.

For over three decades, Sherry has put this philosophy into practice working personally and professionally with humans and dogs as a breeder, handler and trainer. Through The Polished Pup, Sherry has been able to turn her lifelong passion into a profession. Today, she puts her skills, knowledge and compassion to work helping dogs and their people live better lives together.

That Light Bulb Moment

Sherry's success as a trainer stems from her passion for helping and teaching others. Before founding the Polished Pup, she was a corporate technical trainer for a major corporation. She also spent time teaching ESL in Baghdad, Iraq, and even owned her own math tutoring business in the States for a number of years.

For many years, she also competed and placed at a high level in regional and national obedience trials with Siberian Huskies, one of the world's most notoriously independent and challenging breeds. Everyone said it couldn't be done but she did. Proof that Sherry knows a thing or two about polishing up a pup's rough edges!

Whether it's teaching people or training dogs, Sherry loves building confidence, watching the "light bulb" go on, and helping others figure out how to identify and get past a problem.

Better Training for a Better Best Friend

Sherry does all this with one goal in mind: Helping people build better relationships with their dogs. Her experience and methods ensure that both dogs and humans enjoy the experience and see lasting results. She knows that having a "polished pup" makes life more fun, more fulfilling and altogether richer.

Credentials and Memberships

  • Studied Ethology at UC Berkeley
  • Certificate of Excellence, Susan Friedman Living and Learning with Animals
  • Certified Wag It Games instructor
  • Member, Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT)
  • Member, Pet Professional Guild (PPG)

Continuing Education

  • Bob Bailey Operant Conditioning Workshops Levels 1-5
  • Karen Pryor Clicker Expo and training workshops
  • Fenzi Dog Sports Academy
  • Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) Courses and Testing
  • TAGTeach (provisional certification)