Do you need scheduling flexibility? Are you looking for more personal attention? Does your dog have specific issues you’d like to address? Then private sessions are the way to go!

These one-on- one sessions allow us to work together on areas such as basic training, socialization, confidence building, and common dog behavior problems.

Private Puppy Training

Get your puppy started off on the right paw with private training. These sessions will help tame the chaos of puppyhood and teach the important skills they need to grow into a happy, well-adjusted adult dog.

Private Puppy Training begins with an initial consult of an hour and a half. During this time, we’ll talk about you, your puppy, and what you hope to accomplish.

From there, we’ll customize a program just for you, which will also always include standard behaviors and skills like: sit, down, come when called, wait, focus and attention, and crate training. You’ll also get advice on managing your dog’s behavior (and your sanity) during the adorable but challenging puppy phase.

For: Puppies 2 – 6 months | Initial Consult: $125 | Package of 6 sessions: $540

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Private Dog Training

We all dream of having that perfect dog. But if your dream doesn’t match up with your reality, we can help!

Not only will we brush up on basic skills, we’ll help give you the dog you always dreamed of by addressing problem behaviors that create stress in your life. We can help you tackle common issues like excessive barking, house training issues, fearfulness, child-dog interaction problems, and more.

Before our first dog-human session, we’ll begin with an initial one and half hour consult to discuss your needs and concerns. After that, we’ll customize a plan specifically with you and your dog in mind.

For: Adult dogs | Individual sessions: $100 | Discounted packages are available

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Board & Train

How would it feel to leave on vacation and come home to a polished pup? Pretty great, right?

Our Board and Train program lets you relax and enjoy your time away. Not only will your dog be lovingly cared for in my home, they’ll be learning some wonderful new skills and manners to show off when you return.

The perks of the Board and Train program include:

  • A happier, better trained dog with less effort
  • Less stressful for your dog versus kenneling
  • Fully customized training program
  • One hour of formal, reward-based training per day
  • Lots of love, attention and informal training the rest of the day
  • Detailed instructions on how to continue training at home
  • A one-hour follow-up visit in your own home to address questions and concerns

Prior to boarding, a one-on- one consultation is required so that I can learn more about your dog, your challenges and your goals.

Board & Train: $125/ day

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