Wag It Games Training

Get excited! The Wag It Games are finally in the Bay area!

  • Have you ever toyed with the idea of trying agility or other dog sports?
  • Do you like the thought of winning ribbons and earning titles (without all the pressure)?
  • Are you excited about giving your dog enriching experiences?
  • Do you love having fun with your dog in a supportive, low-key environment?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then the Wag It Games are for you!

Created to give people new and exciting ways to have fun with their dogs, the Games build on a dog’s natural interests, strengthen the bond between dog and human, and encourage teams of all skill levels and abilities to participate. All of our games are adaptable. We welcome disabled dogs and handers.

As a certified Wag It Games instructor, Sherry Al-Mufti will teach you and your dog some of the skills on display at Wag It Games trials. But even if you have no interest in competing, you can still come to the classes to learn and have fun!

Sniff It

This class offers a variety of ways for dogs to use their noses. And since dogs “see” the world through their noses, they LOVE the Sniff It class! It’s especially great for older pups since smell is one of the last senses dogs lose as they age. Dogs play the game until they succeed, building their confidence and honing their skills.

Class Length: 6 weeks | Class Tuition: $180

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Obstacle Skills

A numbered course offers a diverse variety of obstacles, including hoops, unstable surfaces, steps and jumps. As the dog and handler navigates the course, they both enjoy physical and mental exercise, even though there’s no speed requirement. Plus, it’s great for building confidence, communication and your relationship.

Class Length: 6 weeks | Class Tuition: $180

Coming Soon


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